Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hello Readers,
I just received this from a Donsy of Gnomes fan. It is too precious not to share.
Do remember that the Holidays are coming. What little child wouldn't love a book of gnome stories?

Hi Sigi, Tonight Griffy drew a picture of the gnomes from the Donsy book and I just had to send it to you.  It's one of the most beautiful pictures he's ever made, and he can tell you exactly which gnome is which.  The one in the lower right hand corner (he explained) is see-through because he's invisible.  I think there's a gnome he added, of his own, but I'm not sure.
You see how deeply your stories have touched him? 
xo Margo

Saturday, February 27, 2010

to purchase this book

While we are busy revamping the website, you can purchase this book by going to or
Do contact me at sigi@teachwonderment if you have any difficulty.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Step into Limindoor Woods!

A Donsy of Gnomes

Here are 7 gentle stories to read to your children. In them you will meet 8 charming gnomes, and their friends. Gnomes who teach gnome-sized lessons in generosity, selflessness, resourcefulness, courage and friendship. Travel through the seasons as you share these charming gnome tales with your children. Then act out or perform the stories as puppet shows to further deepen their experience of Gnome.

Cross the threshold into Limindoor Woods to enter into the delightful world of gnomes!

“These are wonderful gnome tales, filled with magical motifs and lovingly crafted by a gifted teacher and storyteller. And not just stories are told, practical ideas and encouragement are given for you to create your own World of Faerie with your children through plays, puppetry, costumes, nature tables, even cooking!
A definite buy for parents (and teachers!) who bring Mother Nature, visible and invisible, to their children.“
---Reg Down, author of The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly series

“This grouping of magical stories is one for every bookshelf. These gnomes will surprise and delight you. I have read many gnome story books, but this one is simply the best!” - Melisa Nielsen, Waldorf curriculum author, co-owner of A Little Garden Flower

"I loved all the stories my mom told me from a Donsy of Gnomes. In our house, we love gnomes and fairies. My favorite part was about when Ms. Sigi was a girl. In the book she talked about seeing gnomes and that makes me excited to find my own. -Elleanor Nicol Tow, 8 years old, lover of gnomes

“What a perfect little book for young children! Take your child on a charming and jaunty journey through the worlds of the wee folk. It’s just the thing for sweet dreams at night, or a pause in the midst of a busy day. I predict that this will be one of the books that will remain alive in your children’s hearts long after they have grown and have children of their own.”
- Nancy Parsons, www.

This small volume of 186 pages, illustrated with black and white drawings, will be a little treasure for children 5 to 105 years old. This book sells for $14.75 (Also available at wholesale prices). Please contact Sigi for more information.

Friday, April 18, 2008

two Wonderment websites

Please open to to learn more about teaching with wonderment.

And to open to "Leon & Lucy's Garden of Wonders" for stories that enliven the imagination & awaken a sense of wonderment, and crafts that teach skills & result in delightful toys and activities, please visit